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Molded Inductor

SMHC2011-R33MHF Series


    SMD Molded Inductor in 5.74x5.43mmmm Max. Inductance: 330.0nH

    • 5.74x5.43mm foot print, Low profile 3mm height SMD molded inductor.
    • High saturation current characteristics by distributed gapped metal dust core.
    • Ideally for portable device, notebook, server computer and high density DC to DC converter applications.
    • T & R Quantity: 1,000 piece per reel.
    • RoHS Compliance and Halogen Free.
    • Operating Temperature Range -55℃ to +150℃.

Electrical Characteristic of SMHC2011-R33MHF Series

Part Number

Part Description

  • SMHC2011-R33MHF
  • 0.33uH, 20%, 5.3mOhm, 19Amp Max. SMD Molded Inductor
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